Pumpkin Face

Samantha wanted her pumpkin to have 2 triangle eyes, triangle nose and a big smile. We almost were not able to do this because when i picked up the pumpkin to bring it in to carve it was starting to rot on the bottom. Lucky for us that was the only bad part so we cut off the bottom and gave it the face she wanted. Who says you have to cut off the stem to carve a pumpkin?

One thought on “Pumpkin Face

  1. Ya know, that makes alot more sense than cutting the top out! That way you don’t have to stick your hand INSIDE the pumpkin to light the candle… I think you’ve stumbled across a great idea here, Nancy! I think I’m going to copy you today!

    It looks alot better than seeing the cut-out on the top.. excellent looking pumpkin!

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