Being a Mom

It’s one of those days. Rachel is sitting on my lap while I finish my lunch when she figures it would be a good time to fill her diaper. Well not only filled her diaper but my shirt and pants as well. So I get her all cleaned and lay her in the crib while I get myself change. I grab my last pair of clean pants and think to myself I’m glad I started doing the laundry this morning. After return from down stairs with a basket full of clean clothes I see it’s time for a nap. The 3 of us lay down on the bed read a story and then can’t sleep. After about 30 minutes Samantha says I need to pee I’ll be right back. As she is sliding off the bed she slips and hits her elbow. So I get up to check her and pick her to set her on the bed to look at her elbow. Before i could get her all the way up she started peeing so I head to the batheroom. Well the pee got all over her, me, a trail on the floor from the bedroom to the bathroom and yes you guessed it all over the basket of clean clothes. Ah to be a Mom.