Snow Play and then some

Read about Samantha’s big day at the Mall of American and her adventure out into the snow.

Today was a big day for Samantha. We started at the Mall of America to listen to a kid bad called Kit and Kaboodle. I think it was a little loud for Samantha. She was not liking it much. So when they took their first break we went to walk around. When the music started again she was dancing and singing. I asked if she wanted to go back down by the music and she said yeah. But when we got down there she didn’t like it much. So we headed off into Camp Snoopy. That is the first time she had been there. She saw the ride of a yellow bus going up and around. She wanted to get on it. So I go a ticket and figured once we got on it she would want to get off. I was wrong. She loved it! Laughed and giggled the whole time. When it stopped, all she could say was “more more.” So we went and rode the horse, the choo choo, the little Nascars and then back to the bus before heading off for lunch. She took a really good nap when we got home. Then after a snack she got to go out into the snow and play. As you can see from the picture she wanted to play in her sand box. Ever try to explain why you can’t play in the sand box when there is snow on the ground. We walked all around and made a few snow balls. She did not want to come in. After dinner it started snowing so Daddy took her out to watch the snow. He also helped her make a snow angel. I hope all the fresh air and play will help her get a good night sleep.